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The Chandubi Lake

The Chandubi Lake

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 Hello people, hope you all are good and safe. Today we are here to introduce you to one of the beautiful lakes in Assam, the Chandubi Lake.

Most people in Assam know about this lake but for those who don’t Chandubi Lake is a natural, picturesque lake located in the Kamrup district of Assam, at a distance of around 64 kilometres from the Guwahati city. This lake is natural sightseeing as well as a picnic spot and is nestled at the foot of the Garo hills surrounded by Meghalaya and Assam. The lake offers fishing, camping and rowing opportunities and the tourists can also see different migratory birds there. To tell about the inception of the lake, the lake was formed on 12 June 1897 at the evening Assam earthquake, when the forest went down and became the lake.

Chandubi Lake is just 20 minutes beyond Mirza. Small villages are spread wide across the place and they offer you ethnic handicrafts and the perfect countryside view of India. Most tourists visit the place in the first week of January during the Changdubi Festival wherein the locals of the nearby villages perform their traditional or cultural dance forms and also set up stalls that offer local tempting traditional food.

Not being too far from the city of Guwahati, Chandubi attracts the weekender crowd from there, although people from other parts of the world hardly know about it. We, being travel enthusiasts, we’re looking for a calm place to visit in a short span of time, after all, we have our work lives too. That is when Homestays of India came into our sight and after an interaction with them, we were convinced to visit the beautiful Chandubi Lake.

Homestays of India is a social enterprise dedicated to support and promote authentic family-run homestays across India, by providing tourists a unique experience and the locals with an alternate source of income.

We left for the place on a Saturday evening, passing by some small villages and listening to the music playing in our car we reached our destination swiftly. As we were approaching our destination, we could feel the noise of the city traffic slowly fade away from our catch. We entered our rooms and quickly freshened up. We were then provided us with our tea and evening snacks by the lovely people at Kite Manja. Our phones weren’t receiving signals by then. Just for the information of you people, we’d like to mention that only in some areas or corners of the place, Airtel and Jio networks work. We opted for a short walk around the place and as we were already tired, we had our dinner and went for a peaceful sleep as the next day was gonna be full of adventure for us.
The dinner included something different than normal veggies as Rahul Da (Mr. Rahul Sharma) from Kite Manja provided us with dishes cooked using homegrown organic vegetables and also green salad. Green seeds or microgreens are big on nutrition and taste but can be very expensive. Rex Da, who takes care of the property, ElloraShyamal and Babu and the rest of the crew at Kite Manja ensured that we had a great time at the Chandubi Eco Camp and made our stay a comfortable and memorable one. These guys are the best in the line, their hospitality and the services they offer are unmatchable. Recently, they organised Open Air Movie & Camping on the 13th & 14th of Feb’21.
The next morning, we wake up to the sound of the birds chirping and saw the sunrise and were just left in awe of the beauty the lake and its surroundings possess. Having our tea while walking beside the lake and under the Sal trees was a soothing experience for us. We went for a little trekking, visited the waterfall there and also went for some cycling around the place. Our trip became more fun when we met some sweet and lovely people at Chandubi including Ziko Da, Shekhar Da and their families who had also come to visit Chandubi Lake.
This had been one of the best short trips covered by us. Having exotic and mouth-watering local dishes, sitting by the bonfire and singing songs and spending time in our tents, Aahhhhhh! can’t explain in words what we have experienced. And to provide you lovely people with similar experiences Travel Northeast has partnered with the bests in the business to provide you with a comfortable stay at Chandubi.
Planning for excursions or trips around Northeast India, just remember us to reduce your burden of travel bookings. You can also rent cars and self-drive motorcycles from us for visiting Chandubi Lake.
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