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Udaipur is a small but famous town lying south of the small northeastern state Tripura. It is also the headquarters of South Tripura district. Udaipur, which shares its name with the more popular destination in Rajasthan, is very different from the desert city in the west.Udaipur is known for its many temples. Devotees come thronging to the temple city to worship the local goddess, Tripura Sundari and many other deities. Udaipur is also known as the Lake City because of the many lakes that enhance the beauty of the place. All the lakes in Udaipur are artificially made, and some of them are Dhani Sagar, Mahadev Dighi, Jagannath Dighi and Amar Sagar.

Udaipur, the second largest city in Tripura after Agartala, is the headquarters of the South Tripura district. The Gomati river flows across the city and makes the land fertile and suitable for agriculture. Udaipur is located 55 kilometres away from Agartala and can be easily reached on private vehicles and state transport buses.



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