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Tripura is a hilly state of North-eastern India, Agartala is its capital. Tripura is known for its handicrafts, wood carvings, and bamboo products.

Rubber and tea are the staple cash crops of Tripura. The famous food of Tripura is Bangui rice and fish, meat roasts, local herbs & bamboo shoots, and fermented fish. Fermented fish is their one of the key ingredient of cooking.

The people of Tripura are very cultural and religious there are many tribes and communities in the state. The dominant cultures are Bengali, Tripuri, Garo, Mizo, Santhal, Jamatia, Chakma, Halam, etc, Most festivals that are celebrated in Tripura are related to God or Nature (rain &harvest).

Like every other North-eastern state, Tripura has its tourist attraction. The best places to visit Tripura are:

  • Ujayanta Palace
  • Heritage Park
  • Jampui Hills
  • Neermahal Palace
  • Unakoti
  • Devtamura
  • Ambassa
  • Amarpur
  • Kailashahar

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