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Tribal Tours

The North East of India is the home to more than a hundred different tribes with their unique culture and ethnicity too. It has 220 different languages belonging to different language families with Assamese as the most commonly used language. The many ethnic groups present in the Northeast follow a different lifestyle which is reflected in their day to day activities. There are a few tribes which are notably old in existence and Garo, Khasi, Mishing, Deori, Kuki, Apatani, Angami are the major ones. If you visit any village in any of the states of Northeast, you shall have the pleasure of experiencing the raw and unadulterated lives of these ethnic tribes. The way they carry out agriculture and fishing activities, the way they build their houses and cook their food and the way they dress- everything can be experienced first hand in these villages. Moreover, every tribe has certain number of specialties which define them. Take for instance the Mukha-making culture of Majuli, the distinct art of face-tattoos in the Apatanis of Ziro valley, the bamboo products which finds a special place in Tripura, the matrilineal structure of society followed by Khasis and so much more. You can plan for a tribal tour with the

  • Apatanis of Arunachal
  • Khasis of Meghalaya
  • Bodos of Assam 
  • Mishings of Majuli
  • Sumis of Nagaland
  • Bhutias of Sikkim, and many more. 

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