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The historical town of Sivasagar is situated in the Sivasagar district of Assam. Sivasagar was the capital of the Ahom Dynasty, the former rulers of Assam. We can still witness the lasting imprints of the Ahom rule in the town. The town is home to many monuments and temples which are of utmost historical significance to the people of Assam. The famous monuments are the Talatal Ghar, Rang Ghar and the Rangpur Palace. Temples like Shiva Dol, Vishnuh Dol and the Devi Dol are situated in Sivasagar. These temples stand by the Borpukhuri tank (Sivasagar Tank), which is a 200-year old man made tank. The Ahom Museum on the banks of Borpukhuri is full of artifacts like royal armours, clothes, manuscripts, etc., which dates back to the Ahom era. 28 km away from Sivasagar is the Charaideo Maidans which used to be the burial grounds of the Ahom kings and queens and is also called the ‘Pyramids of Assam’.




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