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The “Land of Festivals” Nagaland is the mountainous state of the North-eastern part of India. Nagaland celebrates at least one major festival per month throughout the whole year, So, no wonder that why itis called the “Land of Festivals”.

Nagaland’s ethnicity is mixed with different tribes and communities. Nagaland is also known for its wood carving and bamboo products. Art and craft are part of their culture be it pottery, metalwork, jewelry work, dance & music, or anything that is related to art & craft. The tribes and communities might be different but their way of living, dress code, eating habits are similar. Said it earlier that Nagaland has hundreds and thousands of festivals waiting around their corner, but there are some major festivals you must need to know that are celebrated in the state of Nagaland.
  • Hornbill Festival ( to promote state’s culture & intercultural harmony between other tribes)
  • Tuluni ( harvest festival )
  • Sekrenyi ( to promote harmony among each other )
  • Naknyulem ( to show friendship, culture & tradition among the tribes )
  • Mimkut ( to please the demon ‘Thilha’ )
Let’s know about their food habits. The famous food they have in the state Nagaland is Rice, Bamboo shoot, Axone ( fermented soybean), Anishi, Fermented fish, boiled vegetables. Nagaland has one of the hottest chillies in the world called Naga Chilli. Like every other North-eastern state, Nagaland has the raw beauty for us to discover. Some of the best places to visit in Nagaland are:

  •   Dzokou Valley
  •   Phek
  •   Khonoma Village
  •   Kohima war cemetry
  •   Shilloi Lake
  •   Naga Heritage Village
  •   Dzudu Lake

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