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Land of evergreen hills and surrounded by bamboo forests or jungles, Mizoram is one of the most beautiful states with the natural beauty in North-East India. The meaning of this state name is the “Land of Mizos”. Mizo is the major tribe here in Mizoram. Mizoram is also called the land of the BlueMountains, as it has many beautiful rivers and mountains with waterfalls. Most like every other state of North-east India, Mizoram also has its main food as Rice. The most popular culture in Mizoram is Mizo Culture which is rooted in the arts and the way of living of Mizo’s in India.

The main festivals that Mizoram has are Chapchar kut Festival ( to welcome the spring season in the state), Mim Kut Festival ( festival for the departed soul), Pawl kut Festival ( harvest festival, praying to rain God *happens annually )

There are various best places to visit in Mizoram. Such as:

  • Aizawl (the capital town)
  •     Champhai
  •     Mamit
  •     Dampa Tiger Reserve
  •     Saiha
  •     Murleng National Park ( called as Amazon of India)
  •     Vantawng Waterfalls
  •   Falkawn Village
  •   Tamdil Lake

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