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The elegant Menchukha valley is situated in the Shi-Yomi district of Arunachal Pradesh and is one of the less travelled destinations in Northeast India. The valley is a paradise in disguise. ‘Men’ means medicine, ‘Chu’ means water and ‘Kha’ means snow, which translates to the valley being blessed with medicinal snow-fed water. The valley is filled with vast meadows, snow-capped mountains, pine forests, brown hills, majestic horses running around and has a sky which is tainted blue like a river and is home to beautiful low-hanging  clouds. The attractions of the valley are its scenic beauty, trekking, Buddhist monasteries and Gurudwara. Tourists can also enjoy activities like river rafting and zip lining. The place has a little bit of everything and hence, a great choice for a refreshing vacation.




Photo Credits: aerial_wanderlust(Instagram Handle)

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