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Festival Tours

Every tribe of every state has a unique way of celebrating festivals. These festivals are a sheer reflection of the traditions and beliefs of the tribe. It is presumably a way of keeping tribesman close to each other in unity. Though, these festivals sometimes may hold similarity with other cultures within India or even outside. Festivals are also a way of promoting and preserving the old and unique traditions of tribes which shall soon die out.  Some such festivals which one should not miss when in Northeast are the Hornbill festival, Shirui festival, Aoling festival, Bihu of Assam, Wangala in Meghalaya and Lossong in Sikkim amongst so many more.

Rongali Voyage

 Join us in this voyage to experience the warmth and joyful hearts of the Assamese people in the New Year month of ‘Bohag’, April.

Feel bliss in the virgin forests of Kaziranga and the peaceful Golden Pagoda at Namsai.

‘Bohag’ is not merely a season

‘Bohag’ is not merely a month

It’s the lifeline of the Assamese people

The jewel of the Assamese culture

হাগ মাথোঁ এটি ঋতু নহয়;

নহয় হাগ এটি মাহ

অসমীয়া জাতিৰ আয়ুসৰেখা

গণজীৱনৰ সাহ|

 ~ Dr. Bhupen Hazarika


Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Guwahati to Kaziranga (afternoon safari)

Day 2: Morning Safari at Kaziranga and journey to Sivasagar

Day 3: Celebrate Goru (Cow) Bihu on the banks of Dikhow River

Day 4: Celebrate Manuh Bihu at the historic pavilion of Rang Ghar

Day 5: Sivasagar to Namsai (the town of pagodas in the Himalayan foothills of Arunachal Pradesh)

Day 6: Departure from Dibrugarh by air/rail

 Note: Bihu dates have to coincide on Day 3 and 4.


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